Review: Djelloul Marbrook’s Brushstrokes and glances

Review: Djelloul Marbrook’s Brushstrokes and glances

Teresa Giordano
December 8, 2010

I envy Djelloul Marbrook and I am grateful to him. I envy his ability to inhabit a painting, to leave a dark state of mind and enter a world that transcends our own sometimes frightening often banal world. I’m grateful that his talent and grace grant me access to that world through his book of poems Brushstrokes and glances. Art for Mr. Marbrook – particularly painting – is not merely a collection of objects to be admired. Art is a place that beckons; paintings are to be visited – as alive and dimensional as a mountaintop, a city street, or church or temple. As in those places we can order our lives in front of a great work, find meaning in brushstrokes. As he says in Picasso’s bull: We need a museum to show us/we can unbind our captive lives. Djelloul Marbrook’s triumph is not only that he can experience art the way most of us cannot it is also that he can articulate his vision and share it in this beautifully crafted book of poems. Brushstrokes and glances is an invitation to “lift the curse of containment” (see A naming spree). It is an invitation well worth accepting.

A thank you to Teresa Giordano for these words that speak to, at least for me, the metaphysical experience that is poetry and art; painting, writing, music; the creation and the receiving.


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