On The Badlands of New Times, poems by Paul Bamberger

On The Badlands

On The Badlands Of New Times is coming out soon. This new title will be available only on the press Website until the book’s publication date.

From the back cover:

On The Badlands Of New Times is a collection filled with powerful poetry which depicts some of the most painful truths about our world.
—Keith Badowski, Editor at Brick Road Poetry Press

Some of the most intelligent and challenging poems I have ever read as an editor.
—Robert Nazarine, founding editor, The American Journal of Poetry.

“Bamberger’s poems have a moral acuity and deftness of execution rare in contemporary poetry.”
—Jim Rioux. Author of Fistful of the Invisible, Host of Writers in the Round, Portsmouth community radio

Paul Bamberger’s poems have appeared in these magazines and journals:

Adelaide: Kiss, Lost, Mirror, That Which Is

Agenda: A War Story, Country Of Long Winters, Horse Cutter’s Dream

American Journal Of Poetry: Dreams Of An Existentialist, It Ain’t Over Until The Fat Man                                                                                                                                     Swings

Chiro: Cautionary Tale

Ibettson Street: Collateral Damage

La Presa: The Constant In The Source Essence, Preludes To The Past, And Me Thinking

All The While Tim Mccoy Envisioned The Ghost Dance

Muddy River Poetry Review: Citizens By Night, Farmer In Paradise

Natural Bridge: The Coming Asunder Of Eldridge Cleaver

Offcourse: In Humor’s Way, Old Man In A Season Of Unquarried Stone, Old Man With                                                                                                                                     Hat Askew

Penwood: Pitfalls

Raven Chronicles: And Then On To Palookaville

Stoneboat: The Poor Are Poor Because We Cheat Them

Straylight: Marathon Man, Reflections On The Life Of A Good Man

Third Wednesday: The Trick Is In The Being

Virginia Normal: Apple, Night Passenger