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News from Deerbrook Editions 2013

New books are in the works. This year, 2014, as of this letter, new books will be coming out by Dawn Potter, Stuart Kestenbaum, and Martina Reisz Newberry. And More.

Over the past year and a half Deerbrook Editions has brought out six new books:

Learning by Rote, poems by Martina Reisz Newberry
The Thinking Heart: The Life & Loves of Etty Hillesum by Martin Steingesser
Memory Won’t Save Me: a haibun by Mimi White
No Passing Zone, poems by Donna Reis
The Irresistible In-Between, poems by David Sloan
Freeing the Hook, poems by Peter Harris

All books available from the Website
Available now: Freeing the Hook, poems by Peter Harris.

Freeing The Hook by Peter Harris

White Waves on Sand, Maine by John Marin

Petter Harris is Zacamy Professor in English at Colby College in Waterville, Maine where he founded a mentoring program. Currently, he chairs the Art Department. He has taught at Colby College since 1974.

He has been a fellow at the MacDowell Colony, the Virginia Center for the Arts, Red Cinder House, and the Tyron Guthrie Center in Ireland, and has been awarded a Martin Dibner Writing Fellowship.

He is co-founder of a mentoring program (Colby Cares About Kids) that in 2012-13 matched nearly five hundred College students with primary and elementary students in ten communities.

He holds an BA from Middlebury, a Ph.D. from Indiana University. And a MFA from Warren Wilson.


David Sloan received the 2012 Betsy Sholl award for the poem Bad Math, and the 2012 Maine Literary Award for Poetry in the Short Works Competition.
The Irresistible In-Between by David Sloan, is available at the Website
David not only teaches at Maine’s Waldorf school he trains teachers in Waldorf theory.

The Irresistible In-Between by David Slaon

The Irresistible In-Between cover features a photo by Chris Darling.

From the back cover:

W.H. Auden said poetry is a clear statement of mixed emotions, and that’s the great gift of David Sloan’s poems. The Irresistible In-Between gives us a series of lenses, each clarifying the rich complexity of contemporary life and relationships. There is an exactitude of eye and ear here, and an unassuming confidence that makes the speaker an indispensable guide through relational thickets, where, as he says, ‘I do what I can to be near the commotion, the danger.’ I would describe all these poems the way the speaker describes his sons’ carpentry skills: ‘the casual exactness of lines/ measured out like music.’ These are indeed beautifully rendered poems.
—Betsy Sholl, author of Rough Cradle

Good books from 2012

No Passing Zone is a fine book of poems by Donna Reis who teaches at The Northeast Poetry Center, College of Poetry, in Warwick, New York. More can be seen at
Donna has a review: reviewed-by-john-bellinger/10152085658697318  which is posted as a note on our Facebook page.

No Passing grab

From the Back cover:

Lyrical, wry, biting—Reis uses all the tricks in her deck to show how to survive the pain and healing of the body, the crumbling and restoration of houses, the razing and rebuilding of love. There’s serious word play here, and a sharp eye for detail. Reis explores not only her own experience, but the lives of others—Dorothy Wordsworth ministering to her brother, Mary Lamb, whose “Kitchen rattled / toward me, its knives hissing . . .” Readers will rejoice at the perseverance of this poet, who “stayed because [she had] more stories to tell.”
—Mary Makofske



Martina Reisz Newberry is a California writer now, once again, living in LA. Learning by Rote has gotten some attention and reviews can be read here: Martina’s blog. I have posted a number of descriptions and the like on Facebook

A photo by Brian Newberry

A photo by Brian Newberry











Martin Steingesser is as active as ever with readings and performances of The Thinking Heart. The ensemble has been raising money in performance to make a trip to Europe for Etty’s birthday. You can learn more information here:

"A Red Anemone" , pastel by Katharine Whild

“A Red Anemone” , pastel by Katharine Whild

The book is based on the performance and contains the text and an introduction to Etty Hillesum, her writings, and how they touched and inspired Martin.

Read a review in the Press Herald.

“Etty Hillesum’s remarkable voice and The Thinking Heart ensemble’s stirring simplicity… make this an intimate and profoundly moving meditation on how…to love.” —The Portland Phoenix






Memory Won't Save me by Mimi White

Cover art: Sculpture “Wheel of Time” by Kerryn Forster of Australia












Memory Won’t Save Me by Mimi White is best described by this endorsement:

When the Japanese poet-monk Basho invented the haibun, the alternating haiku and prose in which he documented his travels, he certainly never imagined what a poet could do with the form in twenty-first century American English. Mimi White’s Memory Won’t Save Me is an ingenious, fascinating appropriation, an account of both physical and emotional travel. The geography is the weeks leading up to the death of a father. Shifting easily between direct observation and layers of memory, she turns what might have been a familiar kind of elegy into a work of great depth and power.
—Chase Twichell

Other news is not so new but to perhaps some of you.

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Find out what these people already know about Martina Reisz Newberry

I was pleased to see how well Martina had done this. I9780982810026f ever a writer was putting it up to make a platform, here it is, very impressive, all in one place. It makes me feel good, it rekindles some faith in what I try to do. As with so many of us, publishers; and we are all now, and writers, artists . . . we put our marks out there, we put our best foot forward for one and for all.

I don’t know how many times I try to make a pledge for a book by doing this kind of thing, and like probably many of us sailing the internet, we cast our bottles onto the deep and we don’t know where they land.

Read these words 

Learning by Rote

rote1 (rot) n.[ ME< ?] a fixed, mechanical way of doing
something; routine —by rote by memory alone, without understanding
or thought {to answer by rote}
rote2 (rot) n. [prob. via ME dial.
roar, akin to OHG roz, a weeping, wailing: for IE base see
raucous] the sound of the surf beating on the shore
rote3 (rot) n. [ME < OFr < Frank *hrota (akin to OHG
hrotta) < Celt chrotta > Welsh crwth, crowd2 ] a medieval
stringed instrument, variously supposed to have been a kind
of lyre, lute, or harp

A new book by Martina Reisz Newberry








Coney Island 1946
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Photographer
It could easily be the opening of a porno film.
(But this is Time Magazine, 1946.)
The sand,
the blanket on the sand,
the girl on the blanket on the sand,
the two men on the girl on the blanket on the sand.
Her mouth is open and smiling.
The guy in the sailor cap holds down her wrists
and leans over her. The other man watches—
his back to the camera. The sailor has sand
on his thigh and a bulge in his swim trunks.
My mother had that girl’s bathing suit,
but not that girl’s open-mouthed laugh.
What a pity!