Descent & Other Poems

This book made best book list on Australian Book Review in 2016   Scroll down to Felicty Plunkettdescent-flier-b

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Timothy Ogene is a traveler, and something of a mystery. He says he is an introvert (it may be a cloak of secrecy) but I believe this to mean as a writer and in a positive sense absorbed in his work, while at the same time he is outwardly looking for new journeys, aware of developing an image (the photo here his preferred icon) and his career as a writer. He is somewhere in the UK now continuing studies to increase his abilities to teach, yet I know he is expanding his reach and knowledge of writing, at the same time rejoined with friends and colleagues.

I wanted to use a piece, an interview I think it was, that displayed his mastery of language and thought about art and culture but he didn’t want me to use it because he said it was when he was younger. As a publisher I deliberate finding it nonetheless to share in spite of whatever judgment he has made for me not to do so. So far I have not.

He says he shall return in the spring for a reading in New England. I hope so.