J.R. Solonche poems in Poetry Atlas

The author of Beautiful Day and Won’t Be Long, two recent books from Deerbrook Editions, has several poems in Poetry Atlas. Poetry Atlas is mapping the world in poetry. We collect and map all poems about places, whether by great poets, or by you.

Hemingway’s House, Key West

J.R. Solonche

They wanted the tour they said
to be “a positive experience.”
So they don’t say how he died,

the muzzle of the shotgun
in his mouth, his brains all over
the walls of the house in Ketchum.

The cats are descended from his.
They are everywhere.
Many have six toes.

One night he got drunk, brought home
a urinal from Sloppy Joe’s
and made a water trough for them.

The best part is the studio.
That it isn’t in the house.
That it’s in the guesthouse where he’d go

to write The Green Hills
of Africa
and A Farewell to Arms
and For Whom the Bell Tolls,

standing there beneath
the glass-eyed gaze of the antelope,
the eraser of the pencil in his teeth.

Beautiful Day by JR Solonche

Beautiful Day by JR Solonche has delight and sorrow insights and more.

Won't Be Long


To the Rabbit I Killed on the Road This Morning

To the Rabbit

One of my favorite poems from Beautiful Day by J.R. Solonche. The poems in Solonche’s book have been called “melancholy . . .  tempered with art, wit and good grace” whispering , sometimes with more strength, the dichotomy of being alive.

“Identity, history, mortality, the natural world—the big four take the stage here, but spiced with wry wit and bemusement. Solonche possesses deadpan delivery that delights in unexpected twists and word play that can turn deadly serious. He’s equally expert at both narrative and lyric, and the ghazals alone are worth the price of admission. Beautiful Day may seem a risky title for a book of poetry, but read the title poem and see what Solonche can pull from it, as a magician might pull a dinosaur from a hat.”

—Mary Makofske,

Still poetry month

Three new titles for poetry available now on the Website at deerbrookeditions.com all are accomplished poets. They Join the rank of Deerbrook poets, all of whom garner recognition in some way. In the spirit of poetry month (aren’t we lucky, the powers that be give us a full month to wave the poetry flag) I am going to post a poem, and a graph about the author, for as many as I can in the remaining days.

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Beautiful Day by JR Solonche

Beautiful Day by JR Solonche has delight and sorrow, insights and more.

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