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Deerbrook Editions new titles

Lots of new titles

Lots of recent titles of interest; check out the backlist post on the site.  Also many titles have previews of several pages on which provides an excellent interactive catalog.

If you visit the site there are several menus for looking up titles, and most pages include reviews and endorsements about authors and titles, as well as embedded previews from The above link goes directly to all the currant previews.

When you order from the press Website in the USA you get free shipping. Usually sent media mail you get what amounts to a discount of about $2.60 off the price of a single title. Other presses often add shipping to the price of the book. It’s our way of saying thanks for ordering from the site. Also, please note that with PayPal you do not need an account with PayPal, you can use the card of your choice.

News for 2017

Descent & Other Poems listed on Australian Book Review 2016 Books of the Year. On the ABR Website, if you scroll down about 3/4 of the way to Felicity Plunkett’s section, Timothy Ogene’s book is mentioned, with a link to the press blog: Nigerian-born Timothy Ogene’s Descent and Other Poems examines love, doubt, solitude and migration in attentive, luminous poems. Thank you Felicity Plunkett!  Descent & Other Poems is available on the site with free shipping in the US.

Other news: titles on the way for 2017. At this link three forthcoming titles and endorsements appear. The titles are: Combed by Crows by Dennis Camire; Kafka’s Shadow by Judith Skillman; Never Completely Awake by Martina R. Newberry.

Never Completely Awake by Martina R. Newberry



The Ozymandias Effect, poetry by Martina R. Newberry

The Ozymandias Effect, poetry by Martina R. Newberry

This poem is from the forthcoming new title Never Completely Awake, by Martina Reisz Newberry, due out in 2017 from Deerbrook Editions.

Read noteworthy endorsements for Martina’s books here on her site.

Never Completely Awake by Martina R. Newberry