Object biography #12: A wooden shabti of King Seti I (Acc. no. 13906)

Object biography #12: A wooden shabti of King Seti I (Acc. no. 13906).

In mulling over a recent post, going back into WordPress there are my followed blogs, I noticed the word Shabtis. This word struck me since Djelloul Marbrook leads off his book “Brushstrokes and glances” with a poem of that name.

This is a beautiful image of a wooden Shabti. Please visit the Manchester blog.

Shabtis, by Djelloul Marbrook
(The Brooklyn Museum)

May I stay here in diorite
a millennium or two,
chat amiably with Thoth
or Horus, worry
about Ra and Apophis
but not Ponzi schemes?

I’d like to be a shabti
awakened at night
by Nefertiti
to prepare her bath
and anoint her with oil,
to rest in a cedar box

and not think of news,
to be an amulet,
a cylinder resting
between Isis’s breasts.
I’d like to stay here
when the lights go out.

Djelloul Marbrook received the 2007 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize