Poems from The Porch Poems

J.R. Solonche’s poetry, is well, praised by many, the likes of Stephen Cramer, Michael Meyerhofer, and Ricardo Nirenberg, to name a few. Also widely published in mags and journals for decades, J.R. has a unique perspective on many things usual, and unusual. Let the poems speak.  See more about his books here.

Poems from Iridescent Guest

These days . . . oh these days. Some days can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but then it slowly comes to me. Boiled egg and toasted sprouted wheat bagel. And now poetry month is gone. Before it ended as a door shuts, I felt that I did not do enough for poetry. Then I thought, my poetry month lasts all year long.

So now, since more than a dozen new books sit on the shelf from last year and the new year, and though more are in the works (plans being what they are—uncertain as ever) it is time to ‘get the word out’ for all you stay-at-homers.

Some poems from Sarah White’s new book. Enjoy – available now here

The year in books

Over the past year, from last spring until the current spring, Deerbrook Editions has been working on nine new titles. Most of which are available if only from the press Website, but many are at the distributor, and on amazon. Most of these have come out since last fall. Last fall On The Badlands Of New Times, by Paul Bamberger of New Hampshire, appeared.

On The Badlands  combed-by-crows-cover-grab  9780999106228

There are four new Maine authors in this group (if you go back a bit more into 2017 there are more, Combed by Crows by Dennis Camire, and one notably Lesser Eternities by Jim Glenn Thatcher, a finalist in the Maine Literary Awards for poetry).

Last spring two Maine authors appeared, Leonore Hildebrandt’s poetry Where You Happen to Be, and Margaret Yocom’s erasure poetry, KIN S FUR (ALL KINDS OF FUR),

Poems by Leonore hildebrandt  cover grab KIN S  SWYC cov 9-11 copy

Many of these books have been reviewed.

This new year two more Maine authors have new books coming out, Say What You Can, poetry by Elizabeth Tibbetts, and The New Plantation: Lessons from Rikers Island, creative non-fiction/memoir, by Jason Trask. There is also Maine author Dawn Potter with a new book of poems currently in prepress titled Chestnut Ridge.

9780960029303  Daybook cov grab copy  What Lies Beyond

There are still more books in the works for this year. One book of prose poems by Toni Ortner of Vermont, Daybook I,  a deluxe size 7 x 10 format has just gone to press.

More poetry from other places include, What Lies Beyond, poems by Judith Farr of DC; Came Home to Winter, poems by Judtith Skillman of Washington; and Tomorrow, Today, and Yesterday by New York author J.R. Solonche.

Came Home to Winter cover  tomorrow, today, and yesterday cover grab

To visit the Website and see what is available click here. A similar post has click on covers linked to pages, as well as drop down menus and an index.

Poem videos by Martina

Martina’s husband makes decent videos of her reading from Never Completely Awake, her recent book from Deerbrook Editions. Here are two of them. Martina lives in LA.



All Men Are Mortal

Here is a favorite poem from Once It Stops by Florence Fogelin whose poems bring us “teetering between desire and fear” from a Mayan temple to San Francisco Bay.



All Men Are Mortal



sign of


of the cold logic

of why and what we

remember, what brought

us here: another war memorial,

another slant on death, the dead piled

into another pyramid, their names pressed

with salted fingers into granite. They were men;

all men are mortal. Did you think they’d live forever?

Between the why and therefore falls the shadow.

South and north of here,

on Southern courthouse lawns and Yankee greens,

black cannonballs kiss as much as need demands,


on three

three on six

six on ten & so on

death on death, as deliberate as a war’s careful explanation:

Reasons. Premises. Conclusion.

Washington’s smooth face expresses a way to remember,

a why to forget.

Once It Stops by Florence Fogelin

Cover features a photo by Ros Orford