“Daughter of the Rain” by Gail Gauldin Moore, exceptional poems

Gail Gauldin Moore lives in LA.

Poems in this book have previously appeared in Rivertalk, Verve, Cedar Hills Review, Brick House, Daybreak, Prophetic Voices, California Quarterly, Stepping Stones Magazine, Rise Up Review, and Stand Magazine.

These are some of her poems in Daughter of the Rain














Gail Gauldin Moore was a voiceless poet all of her life, having had writer’s block for over fifty years. She finally starting writing after a vision of a strange animal emerged from a cave and began shaking off its wool.

She was a licensed therapist for over thirty years, received a certificate in Theological Studies from Sewanee, University of the South, and was an adjunct professor for The University of La Verne.

She thinks poetry should strive to remain what it was once thought to be, “the highest of the literary arts” and likes this summation of the poetic process by Galway Kinnell:


“On some hill of despair

the bonfire you kindle

can light the great sky;

though it is true of course,

that to make it burn,

you have to throw yourself in.”



When stores are closed, do we have a store?

This middle of June finds many stores are doing business at curbside. Make a call, send an email, find out if you can order a book. You get a call back or an immediate answer.

It is almost business as usual. Some stores can do more to market themselves and their books by using a website and or blog to draw customers. The thing about even the best of the indie stores is more or less the same, it can be about what the customer wants or what is popular. A few remain that have a healthy poetry section for local poets.

Deerbrook Editions does not have a store. The press is grateful for the stores that do order local writers, so thank you to several in Maine and those elsewhere. It is a show of support for the writers and the press.

What Deerbrook Editions does have is a secure relatively easy Website to use to order directly from the press and choose from some 35 plus titles of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Shipping is included in the price of a book only in the USA, and orders go out usually the same day or the next day, and are mailed (media mail) in protective cardboard mailers, not the soft mailers used by some that ship books.

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Some of our best sellers

Poems from The Porch Poems

J.R. Solonche’s poetry, is well, praised by many, the likes of Stephen Cramer, Michael Meyerhofer, and Ricardo Nirenberg, to name a few. Also widely published in mags and journals for decades, J.R. has a unique perspective on many things usual, and unusual. Let the poems speak.  See more about his books here.

Poems from Iridescent Guest

These days . . . oh these days. Some days can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but then it slowly comes to me. Boiled egg and toasted sprouted wheat bagel. And now poetry month is gone. Before it ended as a door shuts, I felt that I did not do enough for poetry. Then I thought, my poetry month lasts all year long.

So now, since more than a dozen new books sit on the shelf from last year and the new year, and though more are in the works (plans being what they are—uncertain as ever) it is time to ‘get the word out’ for all you stay-at-homers.

Some poems from Sarah White’s new book. Enjoy – available now here

Another new poery title “Iridescent Guest”

Iridescent Guest is the third book by Sarah White from Deerbrook Editions. As with most titles, previews can be found on issuu.com

Sarah White is also author of The Unknowing Muse (Dos Madres Press, 2014), Alice Ages and Ages (BlazeVox, 2010), Cleopatra Haunts the Hudson (Spuyten Duyvil, 2007), Mrs. Bliss and the Paper Spouses (Pudding House chapbook, 2007), and a lyric memoir, The Poem Has Reasons: a story of far love, on-line at http://www.proempress.com. She is co-translator of Songs of the Women Troubadours, Bruckner et al., (Garland, 2000). She is Professor Emerita of French from Franklin and Marshall College, and lives in New York City.

Iridescent Guest – stunning, glinting. Striding out of the ordinary, these poems shimmer morose and joyful, ominous and light-hearted. Sarah White surveys our perilous, our exquisite world with a solvent “personhood” sans ego and pretense. The Iridescent Guest brings great self-knowledge to bear in her bouquet. . .presents no small effort of stretching and reaching to the limits in order to wreathe masterfully, both the consolation and the forlornness of our mortal coil. This guest pays homage to the art gods, the kitchen gods, and to the children — silver, mutable, delicate. . .solvent and sure.

—Karen Garthe, author of the hauntRoad, The Banjo Clock, Frayed Escort