Antique Densities, Maine poetry book award 2022

Antique Densities by Jefferson NavickyAntique Densities: Modern Parables & Other Experiments in Short Prose by Jefferson Navicky is a winner in the Book Award for Poetry category.

Antique Densities: Modern Parables & Other Experiments in Short Prose is a collection that flickers between the surreal and the recognizable, between poetry and fiction, between this world and another.

Available here from Deerbrook Editions  Visit the book page for endorsements.

About the Author

Jefferson Navicky is the author of the story collection, The Paper Coast, and the poetic novel, The Book of Transparencies. His writing has appeared in Smokelong QuarterlyElectric LiteratureFairy Tale Review, and Beloit Poetry Journal; his short plays have been produced across New England. He has been awarded a Maine Arts Commission grant, two Maine Literary Awards, and was the 2019 winner of the Maine Postmark Poetry Contest. He is the archivist for the Maine Women Writers Collection.    Visit the author’s Website

Jefferson Navicky

See a preview of Antique Densities on


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