New title, Won’t Be Long, by JR Solonche & a thanksgiving poem

A progression in verse by way of decreasing duration ie. length of lines and numbers of words -while the purport remains provocative, humorous, poignantly astute.

Won’t Be Long
Poems Short, Poems Shorter, Poems Shortest

by Solonche, J. R.
ISBN: 978-0-9975051-3-9
Paperback 5 x 7; 182 pages

Won't Be Long

J.R. Solonche is the author of Beautiful Day, also available on this Website.

(this poem does not appear in Won’t Be Long)

 Over the coffee cold in the coffee cups
Over the conversation cold in the conversation cups
Why do these people call
They want help
They want an answer
They want solutions
Everyone behaves irrationally
The most intelligent
The most rational
They all do the dumbest things
Thoughtless things
Irrational things
So what do you conclude from that
Everyone behaves irrationally
Is there any other conclusion
Hey, this coffee is cold

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