One hundred years ago, the war to end war

Wars Don’t Happen Anymore, the title of Sarah White’s collection, is taken from the first poem in the book, built off something an aged mother says, having lived and lost through both world wars. WWI actually began in July of 1914.

Several poems will be the libretto in a performance at Franklin Marshal College to commemorate WWI. The poster for the event is below. The books title, something of an antithesis that for me began to symbolize the absurd yet all too human condition, a tendency for making war more horrific and somehow believe they are in the name of peace. THE WAR THAT WILL END WAR, by H.G.Wells is an interesting period piece you can view. The performance is now available here

These poems by Sarah White are accomplished so I won’t try to describe or portray metaphor but I’ll give you the words of Eugene Garber:

War poems are variously full of anger, bitter irony, gore, and fervent protest that the poet already knows is futile. Such tonalities lie just beyond the outworks of Sarah White’s poems in Wars Don’t Happen Anymore and sometimes invade them. But at the center of these poems is a resonant core of grief and loss brilliantly modulated—simple elegy, the brilliant hues of vainglory, the taste of blood and iron in exotic colonies, the symphonic folly of imperial gallantry, the gorgeous flare of destruction, the endless misreading of history, the disfigurement of mind and body—in short the sorrows of war passed through a sensibility at once exquisite and capacious and one we sometimes almost wish did not remember so well.

                                   —Eugene Garber

Soldiers of Remembrance

A chorale performance in observance of the beginning of World War I. One Hundred years ago. Several poems from Sarah White’s book make up the libretto.

Wars Don't happen Anymore by Sarah White


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