The Poetry of Joan I. Siegel

Joan’s first book Hyacinth for the Soul (Deerbrook Editions 2009) was called world-class by one reviewer.

A Passing, her new small but compelling book of verse continues to reach beyond the limits of everyday thought and speech  with Joan’s deft language that flows around perceptions and allows the reader to find themselves in the poetic image as it unfolds. Perhaps Joan can do this in words since she is experienced in playing piano, and often makes reference or will attach music titles to poems.

Here are two poems from the book that are indicative of her skill with language that seems to cross or transport us unknowingly through time and space.

A Passing p46-7

Siegel is recipient most recently of Poetry Quarterly’s Rebecca Lard Award, New Letters Poetry Award and Anna Davidson Rosenberg Prize. A finalist for the Pablo Neruda Prize, she was an International Merit Award Winner in Atlanta’s 2014 International Poetry Competition. Published widely in journals and anthologies, Siegel lives in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State. Emerita Professor of English at SUNY/Orange, she volunteers at a local no-kill animal shelter, tends to 10 rescued cats, plants a summer garden and watches it grow.


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