For those days

OK, this quote struck me, on the contents page of P&W it says:

“Independent publishing is . . . people who love books, who love stories and ideas and the impossible architecture of language so fiercely and furiously that they back it with blood, with sweat and cash, and precious, precious time.”

For those days. Now I think, they left out “tears.”  Wonder why? Actually it is one of the better quotes that is short and carries something of the overwhelming, truly the taste of engagement albeit a summation that may leave out a heap of mire, if any quote  (from somewhere in the article about the worthwhile presses) can make even an aspiring to-be-worthwhile feel in the brotherhood, I guess this would be it.

The next question is, what do we want to share? The impossible dream? Sisyphean comparisons? (Only on bad days) Death by meeting? Don’t quit your day job? The light at the end of the tunnel? The Big Lebowski? A list of dos and don’ts ? (not my honey do list; and not to be confused with honey-dew) The list of dos would be something like any small business book’s first chapter; be prepared to work 14 hour days for 3 years before you stop loosing money. Or something like that. Better to spend all that cash and set up a non-profit after doing all the work of planning what the corporation will be named, who will be on the board, what the bylaws are, finding the right lawyer, giving up a certain amount of power in decision-making (maybe) but being able to delegate and perhaps be more creative or at least feeling like you are . . .

Where it Goes by Martina Reisz Newberry

Where it Goes features a photograph by Eleanor Bennett

The Irresistible In-Between by David Slaon

The Irresistible In-Between cover features a photo by Chris Darling.

No Passing Zone by Donna Reis

cover features a photo by Gary Firstenberg

Freeing The Hook by Peter Harris

White Waves on Sand, Maine by John Marin

Only Now, poems by Stuart Kestenbaum

The cover features a print collaboration by Susan Webster and Stuart Kestenbaum


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