May Day

Two Deerbrook poets will be at the May Day Peace event.
Mimi White author of The Last Island who received the Jane Kenyon Award for poetry, and Martin Steingesser, author of Brothers of Morning and The Thinking Heart will be reading. There are several good poets, and I think each reads three poems but this sounds like a warm way to celebrate May Day.
Thanks goes out to Gary Lawless at Gulf of Maine, USM, and LA Arts.

Poetry Peace Potluck

Event Date and Time:
Thursday, May 1, 2014, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Lewiston Campus, Room 170
Contact Name:
Barry Rodrigue
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:

The Arts and Humanities program at USM LAC will present the Third Poetry Peace Potluck on May 1, 2014 starting at 8:30 am. The event will include presentations from Franco-American Cinema, poetry by several poets and a discussion of the Arts in Central Maine. Sponsors include The Arts & Humanities Program and the Franco-American Collection at USM LAC, Gulf of Maine Books,  and LA Arts.

Children are welcome! Please bring a cold potluck dish to share!

For more information please view their program online.

Lewiston Auburn College, USM
51 Westminster Street, Lewiston
Poets reading 3 Poems
Henry Braun, Linda Buckmaster, Arielle Greenberg Bywater,
Robert Farnsworth, Peter Felsenthal, Terry Grasse,
Peter Harris, Claire Hershom, Preston Hood, Gary Lawless,
Michelle Leavitt, Kendall Merriam, Stephen Petroff,
Robert Pring, Doug Rawlings, Pam Burr Smith, Bruce Spang,
Karin Spitfire, Martin Steingesser, Jeri Theriault,
George Van Deventer, Mimi White & Anne Witty.
Free and bring food and drink to share.
Other events scheduled throughout the day.
Please help us celebrate May Day!
Sponsors: The Arts & Humanities Program & Franco-American Collection at LAC/USM
L-A Arts, Gulf of Maine Books
for more information contact Gary Lawless 729-5083 (

I am told this is not a book selling event but a gathering to share food and ideas, and hopefully, news about peace.




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