Peaceful news from Deerbrook

Last Thursday’s poetry night was well attended with standing-room-only by the time the readers began.  As always, a reading at Longfellow Books in Portland has a warm and friendly atmosphere and I saw several familiar faces, a few I had not seen in a while, making it all the more savory.

Other recent news came in from L.R. Berger in New Hampshire. L.R. was granted a writer-in-residence stay and grant at Wellspring House in western Mass., and gave  a reading at the end of that 2 weeks of work on poems.

Also, L.R. participated in The Ikeda Center’s seventh annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue , and for those who don’t know, she is an active member NE Associate  Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service .  Her book The Unexpected Aviary received the Jane Kenyon Award for poetry. 

LR Berger at Wellspring house

L.R. Berger has been active with her muse.


One thought on “Peaceful news from Deerbrook

  1. Great to see LR is writing her wonderful poems. Brilliant and moving look at the connection between war and language of war…stealing beauty and perverting it.


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