A gallery for the artists on our covers

Most of the time the author finds the art they want on the cover of their book. It can be a long cherished piece hanging on the wall, a post card from a long ago trip or something they saw in a magazine, or it can be found in a chain of thought after a dream.

We are fortunate to have many good works of art from people who do not mind having their work on a poetry book cover in exchange for copies of the book. On occasion we pay for the rights to use an image as in the case of an antique miniature.

In reviewing this blog and its sidebar, always in need of updating and re-thinking, I decided to change a few wordings when it dawned on me to create a gallery to honor and in a small way thank the artists that bless or covers. So on the sidebar is a gallery that should work as a slide show. It will be updated from time to time.

There is also a new link to preview pages in books so one can go and flip through the sample to get an idea of the design and read what the authors works is like.

Take a browse down the sidebar to find more.


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