The stories about Snowden spiked sales of 1984

Yes, in Bamford’s article, book stores reported a spike in sales for George Orwell’s 1984, and amazon reported a 6,021 percent increase in one day. Now, we’ll never incorporate this phenomena into our SEO / content? right? Until the book is written.

George Orwell

Geaorge Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair), English author (1903-50)

James Bamford may spook you a bit but perhaps only criminals should worry. The big questions are about laws and trends of deception (little big white lies), which have been going on for years. Would we rather be assured that criminal terrorist activity be found in comm. traffic or make it harder to find out about, when it could become something like a nuclear threat? Fingers should not be pointed at only the White House because Congress is also to blame, as well as service providers complicit in what is claimed to be done in the interest of national security. The real criminals are the terrorists and the criminally insane people who intend to cause harm to others all over the world.

Something I wanted to add: civil liberties should always be an American concern, as we go into ever more new dimensions with technology and the internet, think of how large companies like Facebook, Google, , amazon, etc., use our information about our interests, likes and dislikes, purchasing, entertainment, reading and speaking or writing online.

After reading articles in The Economist a couple weeks ago, I wondered why the pundits and opinionated don’t seem to speak of the facts about who else is doing surveillance and who else benefits from what the US does in terms of criminal and terrorist threats. We hear mostly about the fear of being watched, civil liberties, and how we should have some knowledge of such things that our congress hears about and turns their eyes (grants immunity). Little or no mention of the funds spent on programs that are “unable to prove useful”  nor may not be providing information for the money which are only shut down after years of collecting data.

Search Bamford and find his work. The recent NYR informed article is excellent for raising questions, revealing white lies, considering results, and looking toward a balance.

And remember, ” the US is not a totalitarian society, and no equivalent of Big Brother runs it, as the widespread reporting of Snowden’s information shows.”

Further, in the weighing of leaker vs whistleblower, consider: “One of the whistleblowers, Thomas Drake, was served with a ten-count felony indictment in 2010, charges that were eventually dropped, but not before his house was raided and his career destroyed. In recent years, laws have been enacted to protect from reprisal federal workers who try to expose wrongdoing, most notably the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, which President Obama signed last year. But the law does not cover intelligence workers, an omission that William Binney, another NSA whistleblower, believes was not lost on Snowden. “I think he saw and read about what our experience was, and that was part of his decision-making,” Binney recently told USA Today. (Though Binney was never prosecuted, in 2007 federal agents also raided his home and confiscated his computer equipment and other personal possessions while pointing a gun at his head.)”— Eyal Press


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