What is in a color?

Have you ever notice how certain color schemes seem to be used, a lot? Remember when restaurants were all being painted in burgundy and rose? I don’t really care that certain colors are used until perhaps it is too much. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps it is because designers and creatives are working hard and it is easier to find a scheme or palette on a web page than to create a new one. The questions come up; is it a trend; is it a subliminal response to a group of colors; is the work all being done by the same designer / firm; or is it more about the tones? If you search for color schemes you find a lot. From fashion to interiors to fields or professions, there are numerous groups of somewhat muted / tertiary colors out there that seem to group on a similar theme: the rainbow. Remember the prism’s rainbow? ROYGBIV.

why this combo

One in particular has caught my eye lately because I saw it on the AWP 2013 Conference brochure, the WPME flashy logo on TV, and on a MWPA poem card from a few years ago. I cannot find the TV sequence or any image of the stripes with type imposed using this kind of combo, but if you watch, I think it is 35.1, you cannot miss it.

PWME colors

AWP broch colors

One of the first things taught in an art class or school is color, the color wheel and the mixing of color. Color is different when considering if the color is in the form of light or in the form of pigment, but perhaps only in that in light, mix all color and you get white, mix all color in pigment and you get black (or dark grey). It takes some practice to mix colors when using paint to say, do a portrait, still life, or landscape for instance. Check out one of the sites I found that have a pretty

AWP card colors 1

good selection of how color works beginning with the primary colors, all colors are made. Even Pinterest has a color page.The impressionists were known for their work of not using black in or on, their palette.

color wheel

The amalgamation of color use seems to happen in design as well. Something seems popular, gets around and proliferates. Remember in the sixties, the rather original clothes from “head shops” out west eventually moved east. Bell bottoms (not original since sailors wore them for decades) in stripes and bright colors or denim, striped T-shirts, safari jackets etc., soon found their way into Zayre department stores. By that time we weren’t wearing them anymore.

Sometimes what comes out of designer studios and classrooms also finds its way into popular media. It’s fine, all enjoyable up to a point, until it feels like we have a copy-cat culture where commercialism seems to take away from the creativity of designers.

So, if I could figure out how the hashtag business worked (kidding) I’d start, am starting, a hashtag: #bringbackdesign.

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