New Titles for Spring, no getting to AWP, so close and yet so far

Do I mention the drag of trying to get back momentum after a computer died last July? I know, months ago. Some say “I’ve been there . . . Pick up the pieces and move forward . . . it is what it is,” minus a few pieces. Don’t want to hear about it? I don’t really want to go on about it, don’t you know.

I wanted to go to the AWP conference this year. The conference was in Boston, a stones throw away. Last year when I heard about it being in Boston I thought that somehow, some way, I would be able to afford getting a table. A single table is some four hundred plus dollars. Thousands promised to be there. I would love to be there because, for one, it is a literary conference. Some may scoff the academic. A central event with so many ideas floating around, so many publishers and writers, books and more books.

Our titles could be there with the distributor, on a table, if I response quickly enough to the email call; first come first serve; registration is limited. Even if I had the money, a likely one thousand dollars ball park to invest in being at AWP, being a first comer, my table would be who knows where. Veterans of the conference get good exposure, placement of tables for the wandering droves could be key.

One author, Mimi White would be on a panel with others discussing literature. Mimi White has a new book out from Deerbrook, Memory Won’t Save me; a haibun. Reviewed ion Hiabun Today.

As it turned out I was immersed in a large poetry book project that had to be done and off to the printer in order to be available for an event April seventh at the Armenian Library and Museum of America in Watertown, Mass.

But sometimes we are at a loss for words, and I may be at a time like that, when I find someone else’s words, and they say what seems pertinent to an artists struggle, hence—

“Form as well as substance has values, and discrimination and taste are matters of moment.

Lewis Mumford, in an essay on American taste, develops a defense of the modern as divorced entirely from the historical developments in architecture, and expresses rather better than most a rapidly spreading sentiment that clutching for “safety first” should be abandoned, and we should launch out untrammeled by our past successes and failures towards the creation of a coherent, aesthetic, and a significant art.  ”


Significantly or not, certainly aesthetically, new titles nonetheless. New books from last summer, and new books coming very soon. Maine author, David Sloan’s The Irresistible In-Between, and . . .

a special poetry collection, assembled from fifty years of writing, by David Kherdian, Living in Quiet.

All soon to be featured here in one way or another (this darkness got to give) with samples and endorsements and information for you to peruse. Stay tuned. it’s just that work has been where I am at. A two hundred and thirty page book is a sizable  project to process. All are exciting and rewarding to be bringing to you, our hopeful readers.

Deerbrook Editions

4 new titles copyIn-Between covLiving in Quiet cover fr


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