When machines put themselves to sleep

. . . can we all rest quietly?

First of all a happy new year is in order. May this year be a good one for reading and writing and arithmetic. Let’s hope congress and the administration get their arithmetic done properly, in consideration of all things plant, animal, and mineral.

ring true

ring true

So in the spirit of ‘happy’ I wanted to share something fun or avant garde.

When there is a vast quanta of input coming at us from all sides, a great deal of it potentially good, still there are times when there is great room for improvement. When I see wasteful media, overdone sensational media, I wish for an alert that triggers a shutdown, a sleep mode kicks in.

Art often reflects life, encourages life, comments on life. I think I found a laugh in an invention by Claude Shannon featured on The Technium blog, one of Kevin Kelly’s venues for his interests.


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