Learning by Rote

rote1 (rot) n.[ ME< ?] a fixed, mechanical way of doing
something; routine —by rote by memory alone, without understanding
or thought {to answer by rote}
rote2 (rot) n. [prob. via ME dial.
roar, akin to OHG roz, a weeping, wailing: for IE base see
raucous] the sound of the surf beating on the shore
rote3 (rot) n. [ME < OFr < Frank *hrota (akin to OHG
hrotta) < Celt chrotta > Welsh crwth, crowd2 ] a medieval
stringed instrument, variously supposed to have been a kind
of lyre, lute, or harp

A new book by Martina Reisz Newberry








Coney Island 1946
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Photographer
It could easily be the opening of a porno film.
(But this is Time Magazine, 1946.)
The sand,
the blanket on the sand,
the girl on the blanket on the sand,
the two men on the girl on the blanket on the sand.
Her mouth is open and smiling.
The guy in the sailor cap holds down her wrists
and leans over her. The other man watches—
his back to the camera. The sailor has sand
on his thigh and a bulge in his swim trunks.
My mother had that girl’s bathing suit,
but not that girl’s open-mouthed laugh.
What a pity!

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