The Art of Juanita Guccione

The Art of Juanita Guccione. Some of the most interesting work goes unnoticed. Why? Perhaps because of timing, because of being overshadowed by events or others that have gained prominence, or sometimes because creative individuals are not inclined to promote and sell their work. Making cold calls takes experience and confidence. Being discovered is a rare thing. There are many factors that visual artists, and others working in the arts, find as virtual barriers to creating a body of work, making it presentable, and marketing it through channels that may or may not be open to them. Sometimes friends and mentors can introduce work to the right people. Sometimes family members can provide assistance or motivation or that introduction. Often the moment of having a show and being recognized in even small ways just doesn’t happen.

I am particularly grateful to being able to see the works of this artist. Because of my association with the writer Djelloul Marbrook, having published a book of his poetry, which means spending some time getting to know the work, and the man, I found out about the artists in his family.

This page,

The ORIGINAL Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology: Freely showcasing the most creative minds on the planet

shows some beautiful examples of early twentieth century paintings by Juanita Guccione and something of the story of Juanita’s lifes work.



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