Is there any shouting above the waves?

Issues regarding social media that go both ways on ROI and the ease of use to a point of sale that are not inherent in the platform but compare poorly does make for great content. It could be the same for a “paywall” or the subscription register for major newspapers and magazines. It all seems rather out of reach for “long tail” indies, since exposure is all we can expect from the web if we are not a giant merchandising web site. So every bit of marketing help we get makes the gears turn. I remain positive that one day an idea will take off, but I don’t hold my breath. Sometimes only reading about what the so called experts are thinking and giving us insights for keeps me thinking that I am still in the game. I still have my doubts while I try to implement an initiative without a task force or even a writer. Finding a good proofreader and copy editor can make a difference in presentations as long as a budget holds up. Believing that a message finds an audience is also unpredictable. Does just raising a voice or attaching a gimmick or bonus  equal shouting above all the noise, and the Web has a lot of noise and a lot of merchants. Even publishers, since almost everyone on the Web can be considered a “publisher” have to step back and think, “am I going to look too trendy doing this, or, is giving in to trend what it is all about?” Maybe integrity will leave us standing, after the electric dust settles, when the pieces of pie start falling from litigation and deal making, who will be there to catch the scraps from the giants table? (After midnight, we’re gonna let it all hang down.)

Some media and marketing folks are doing good things while putting out their decent content. They should get the work and they should be applauded.

Read about the comparisons of Facebook and Amazon and you decide if it should be an issue? Visit these media and smart marketing creatives and try not to worry about trends.

And check out this Platform.

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