Friday retrospect—or filling in the gaps & ado about faces

—that’s where I am beginning, like starting my week at the end of the week. Does it matter when I start up as long as I do?

I do have some real friends. As nice as it is to hear their praise I was not sure where it came from, that is, what might I have said that led them to tell me I was a nice man. It doesn’t really matter I suppose, but I did find myself looking over the copy of my message to them. Then I too, was concerned that I may have implied another note since my mails have been short and my posts less well written. Then again Facebook is unpredictable, and the conversations we have even on the phone can leave us in question: did I sound contradictory? jaded? I’ll follow up with a reassuring “I remain positive.” So when it seems I am talking around the point I really want to make, how do I take it back to foundation?

the foundation of printing

Facebook is set up to appear to be functioning according to the click. If one goes around looking and not clicking it’s like one was never there, or so it seems to everyone else. For those of us that are introverted and subject to feeling vulnerable or insecure about writing, what do you do about a certain seeming-to-be fact: does the absence of  a “like” or a “comment” mean “not liked” or “not good enough”? Is Facebook for the type “A” in the community, the extravert demonstrating their assured presence and not concerned about much but getting it out there. Not to grumble about type A’s but rather to think about Facebook, if it really is what it is, on face value? My Web host has the visitor stats emailed each week, they seem to know when someone has appeared even if they don’t click on anything. So, why shouldn’t Facebook be doing similar shadowy behind the scenes gathering of data that we just really have to look hard for and use when we find out where it is. Is everything served up the way it appears to be? Is appearance really what it appears to be? After all, advertising is all about the image, both kinds of image, and the invisible assumption that we see what we want to see, that we believe we are being told what we should know.

I don’t know. There are “apps” that carry on these information gleanings for marketing usefulness that we can scrutinize if we had time to do anything but post our items and get on with the business of the day. Or if we had extra cash we would hire somebody to keep track of the stats and follow up on the strategies. Like they tell us in the books, we must build our capital, social capital, intellectual capital, human capital, etc. and update according to the trend to keep up the good content and feed our followers so we get ROI and keep them interested, buzzing, and coming back for more. There are many folks that can do it, keep the buzz going on Facebook and WordPress by doing what the books and marketing experts tell us works. We tend to believe in them, the books, the people in the business that tell us, I did this and this happened to me so it must work.

matrices set in the hand held composing stick

One day quite by accident I discovered a page on Facebook called the “meme” or “memon”, I don’t remember now, but it had the annual feedback of what everyone on Facebook, yes all of us all lumped into one, what we most talked about in 2011. It was kind of surprising to see that what we said was very trendy and slightly commercial and about celebrities and media things like TV and Stardom. This was mystifying to some extent, that almost nothing of real import, no serious intellectual or cultural regard seemed to be making the chart. But isn’t that like a lot of things, like tracking genomes about disease, or polling about politics, it’s really about probability.

Are there enough hours in a day?

setting sun on the spring equinox


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