Some news about Web ethics, the electronic book, and rights

With the recent concern that congress may be implementing rules governing usage and how those rules impede on freedoms and aggregation or dissemination of information I found these interesting articles. The would be an important site to keep an eye on for writers as well as publishers wanting to learn and keep up with the issues concerning the world of information on the Web.

It seems increasingly vast this Web of ours, so when does usage become infringement and when does it fit as “for educational purposes” or for “editorial purposes” and how do we make it work so that we escape the across the board reactions to piracy and misuse? There have been fears that legislation could allow certain powers that be to redirect our traffic and block our rights to finding information which would serve other purposes and limit the freedom that the Web has had for some time. Keep an eye out for take action groups and their Web sites as one way to make your voice heard and sign petitions or by sending letters to representatives.


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