For writers; one good place to start

Some time ago I posted a kind of fun, maybe flip, article about finding market. It gave some links to random sites that in reflection I thought maybe didn’t serve an audience that might really want to find more useful information. So I am going to post here a few link to Poets & Writers. I assume most know about them since they have been around for some forty years but in case a reader has not found them I am posting links that I hope will work. As a subscriber to the news letter, I think anyone one can sign up for it, too, Poets & Writers has a good resource of information for writers online. I think it would be a very good place to start finding out about “market” or other opportunities. Poets & Writers magazine is full of articles, a listing of grants, writing programs, awards deadlines, and classifieds, and subscriptions to the magazine are reasonable. The Web site can be joined for login which may open up more of its database.



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