With what do we measure

Since I have been making entries on a less frequent basis I am going to post a few simple links until I get something written. I had been working on a piece about Private Presses and the Arts and Crafts movement. My time this summer was fragmented and distracted by all kinds of developments in my outer life and at the press. My inner life is where I want to be, working on design, books, type and printing projects, visual art and the writing about these would make me happier.

Good things have happened for Deerbrook Editions this year. We are a member of an arts organization, Fractured Atlas (see help bring new books into the world : side bar)as Fiscal Sponsor, that enables us to raise money like a non-profit. We are getting more submissions all the time and have several books in line for design and publication if the fund-raising goes well. I have to hope that part is due to the press getting more exposure and that my trying to keep up with sites and blogs and making Facebook ads helps.  Other reasons are with respect to what the authors do. Whenever an author does an event or gets a review, writes an article or is actively networking, the press and all its authors get a little bit more exposure.

One such writer that is just so passionate about writing and, well, the internet as a means of sharing information and the wide range of things he cares about is Djelloul Marbrook. I am posting one of his recent News Blaze articles here.

Djelloul is a remarkable writer that works all the time and has convictions about art and human rights. He is on the left next to Gerard Melanga  in this picture below.

Marbrook and Melanga

At SUNY Orange

Thanks to those who have visited this blog in these dryer times, wandering these rough paths we seem to find ourselves on. Remain positive since I think life is what we make it.


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