Note: a fine new book by Dawn Potter

There is a new look to as well as If only I could figure out which merchant system by which to offer sales on-line. I found one that proudly flaunts its ratings, but the best thing might be to move to a new host that can offer the package deal with a comparable merchant account.

To all visitors, Dawn Potter’s new book of poems How the Crimes Happened from CavanKerry Press is a remarkably good book, and you must read it, you won’t be sorry. This book is moving and full of engaging poems, fresh language, and skillful images that build glimpses of the world almost cinematic in color.

You may know that Deerbrook Editions published Dawn’s first book Boy Land & Other Poems, in 2004, one of the first manuscripts to appear in my P.O. Box. Boy Land, which I suggested we make Boy Land & Other Poems, and Dawn agreed only with slight reluctance, was interesting and well crafted. How the Crimes Happened exhibits even more skill, nuance, and language, that carries the reader on a true symphony. I recommend this book, as on the cover Ellen Dudley puts it, “Fearless . . . these poems sing service to love, loss, pity, and hope. . . . her (poet’s) authority clear.”


2 thoughts on “Note: a fine new book by Dawn Potter

  1. You are most welcome, Dawn, congratulations, you are a creative and skilled writer and deserve all you get.

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